Company Profile
SKS Daifeng is a company that works under the umbrella of the SKS Group. We are the sister company of SKS Global, SKS Petroleum and SKS Industry & Energy which all have a solid export as well as a local customer base with a large turnover.

As a group of companies we can bring in expertise, support and control over product prices as well as product quality by ensuring consistent high quality.

SKS DAIFENG are a partnership between His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Sultan Al Nehayan & Daifeng Construction machinery manufacturer & Tai’an Daifeng Pipeline Engineering Company (DAIFENG), which was established in 2003 as a top professional pipeline construction company held by Taishan Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. With quality first and brand values, their advanced experience bravely innovates new vitality into construction technology.

In 10 years, the total of long-distance pipeline which had already installed and drilled by the company is nearly 5,000 kilometers, to participate in the Yangtse River, the Yellow River, and other large, medium and small river crossing project, second-line of West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, Shanxi-Beijing second and third line project, Sichuan-East Natural Gas Transmission Project and other key projects of national. The company had acquitted itself of pipeline installation project splendidly in Xinjiang people project and Shanghai Baosteel gas transmission project. The company is a highly qualified construction team with rich construction experience and superb technical strength.

The company is the primary independent subcontractor for CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) and had already gained "Market Entry Qualification of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau", "Market Resource Library Members of SINOPEC Engineering", "Market Entry Qualification of CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.", "Contract Subject Qualification of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau" etc. There are 206 employees in the company, including 57 professionally skilled personnel, 19 personnel with senior professional titles, 38 personnel with intermediate grade professional titles, 15 personnel with senior technician (including senior machinery technician), 75% personnel have college degree or more.

The company has the following certifications: "Pipeline Construction Secondary Qualification", "Directional Drilling Qualification", "Antiseptic Qualification", "Type GB、GC, GB1、GC2 Qualification for Pressure Piping Installation".
Our Vision
The Company was established in 2003, it is a professional pipeline construction company which was holding by Taishan Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. The company abide by the Core concept of " Quality First, Reputation First and Serve the Clients Wholeheartedly ", adhere to the " Integrity Cast Monument " brand values, study hard for the advanced experience,bravely innovate the construction technology and inject new vitality into the company development.

The company owned many kind of trenchless professional complete sets of equipment, for example DDW6000、DDW4000、DD330、DDW1200、DDW1000、DDW800, 2000T / sub pipe rammer and 500T pulley block etc for pipe rammer unit of project rescue equipment, pipelayer, mobile power station, semi-automatic electric welder, antiseptic equipment, pressure testing and cleaning sets of advanced construction equipment, meanwhile own the ability with long-distance pipelines, pipe network of city and the valve chest, station installation.
List of Main Projects Daifeng Pipelayer Participated
  • Gas Transit from West to East Pipeline project construction in China
  • Pipeline construction in Libya
  • Pipeine construction in Algeria
  • Zhongxian-wuhan pipeline project in China
  • Pipeline construction in Sudan
  • Cebei-Xining-Lanzhou pipeline construction in China
  • Pipeline construction in Bangladesh
  • Pipeline construction connected Shanxi province and Beijing
  • Pipeline construction connected China and Kazakstan
  • Renqiu-Cangzhou pipeline in China
  • East to West pipeline project in India
  • The first,second pipeline construction connected shanxi province and Beijing
  • Pipeline construction connected Lanzhou and Chengdu in China
  • Pipeline construction connected Hebei province and Ningxia province in China
  • Pipeline construction connected Beijing and Yongqing in China
  • Pipeline construction connected Cangzhou and Zibo in China
  • Shuanyang-Changchun-Huaide pipeline in China
  • Tianjin-yanshan petrol pipeline in China
  • Zhengzhou-Yima pipeline in China
  • Puyang-Linyi pipeline construction in China
  • Jingbian-yanan-xian pipeline in China
  • Huangdao-Qingdao pipeline in China
  • Hexian pipeline construction in Xinjiang Province in China