Machinery Construction
Daifeng (Taishan Construction Machinery Group) is a professional manufacturer of a comprehensive range of Pipelayer and Special construction machinery.

The main series of their Products are Daifeng brand Hydraulic Pipelayers having lifting capacity from 25 Ton to 100 Ton, Marsh Pipelayers, Multifunction Pipelayers, Tracked Crane, Hydraulic Backfiller, Colligated welding vehicle, Pipeline Mobile Power station and Hydraulic wheeled Excavator. Daifeng brand Hydraulic Pipelayer with independent intellectual property right breaks the monopolization abroad and economizes a large amount of foreign currency for the country.

With the abundant technology power, The Company has got many patents for pipelayer manufacturing, obtained the ISO: 9001:2000 certificate and the power of EXIM self-management; In addition, the enterprise’s standard of pipelayer formulated by the company was approved as the national standard. This offers the technology criterion for the pipelayer industry.

TCMCL market share of pipelayers ranks the first in China. The products mainly are sold to the pipeline contractors such as CPP, Daqing Oilfield, Liaohe Oil field, Shengli Oilfield, Huabei and Qinghai etc. and have been successfully exported to Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Colombia etc. The company also was successfully joined the International pipe line & offshore contractors association on 1th, Jan, 2007, enhancing the brand rating & reputation among the contractors in the world further.

According to the market requirements, the company is strengthening the development of new products, paying attention to the technology innovation and making arduous efforts to develop to the important provider of pipeline construction equipment and special construction machinery.
Exploration and Drilling
SKS Daifeng oil exploration and contract drilling company active in all the major oil and gas producing basins worldwide.

The oil and gas industry measures economic impact by counting active rigs. A drilling rig requires many oilfield support services to drill a well. And after the well is complete, other oilfield services go to work to bring the well into production and to maintain it.

An exploration and production E&P company determines where and how to drill. It arranges for access rights and all the services needed to support the rig's work.

SKS Daifeng Drilling has the people who know how to operate and maintain the rig. SKS bid for jobs with oil and gas companies. SKS use it's technology, it's skilled people, it's safety record and the ability to complete a job efficiently as selling points.

SKS Daifeng contracting follows the drilling program created by the E&P company. The E&P company looks after providing the rig contractor with the needed support services to complete the drilling program.
Pipeline Engineering
The company also was successfully joined the International pipe line &offshore contractors association on 1th, Jan, 2007, inhancing the renown& reputation among the contractor in the world further.

 Whether it's helping you select the right equipment for your job or utilizing the latest technology to monitor your equipment. Our agent is there for you. By offering a wide range of solutions, services and products, they help you lower costs, increase productivity and manage your business more effectively.

SKS DAIFENG pipeline Engineering is brand and a top leader in the design, testing and manufacture of pipeline pigging and flow assurance products, engineering, pipeline cleaning services and project management.

We provide precision solutions for customers' unique requirements in the Oil, Gas, Process and Renewables industries, where a strong reputation has been built for quality and expertise, providing project specific innovative product and service solutions.

Pipeline engineering Contracting supplies a full range of pipeline pigging tools, pig launchers and pig receivers, quick opening closures and pig signallers. With extensive experience and knowledge of polyurethane technology, we also design and produce client-specific polyurethane products.

  • Fabrication-General Fabrication 6-15mm
  • Fabrication-Pressure & Vacuum Vessels
  • Machining-Drilling
  • Machining-Machining, CNC Centres
  • Machining-Machining, Conventional
  • Machining-Milling, Conventional
  • Machining-Thread Cutting
  • Machining-Turning CNC
  • Machining-Turning, Conventional
Refinery Contracting
SKS Daifeng Contracting is proud of our reputation as one of the Chinese leading refinery contractors.

​ Knowing how important on-site safety is when it comes to refinery construction,SKS Daifeng devotes a professional team of full-time staff that has been specially trained in refinery safe work practices to each project undertaken.

In an industry as challenging and complex as this, it is important to select experienced millwright contractors who understand the demands of the job. Here at SKS Daifeng refinery contracting, our team of millwright specialists have worked on projects of every size and scope, and through our deep ties to national millwright unions and associations, SKS Daifeng provides our services for whatever is needed, anywhere in GCC & Middle east contries.

Our Refinery department contractor constantly trying to out-perform our last great performance

  • Expert management
  • Talented people
  • Personalized attention to the client, and the project
  • Commitment to design integrity, specifications, safety requirements, quality control and expert workmanship
  • Number of projects completed
  • Well capitalized, and positioned to handle large contracts and projects
  • Work performed on both a lump sum and cost-plus basis, as well as alternative commercial strategies
  • Provides civil, pipe fabrication, structural steel erection, piping erection, high alloy welding modular unit fabrication and assembly, boiler and furnace erection and repairs, pressure vessel fabrication and repairs, bundle extraction, dismantling and plant relocation, rigging and full-service maintenance
  • Ongoing and supplemental service contracts for plant maintenance, turnarounds, and emergency shutdowns